NOTE: Due to COVID-19 the Cinco de Mayo party has been moved to May 1st, 2021 (Cinco de Mayo)

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Kerry Hochstein was not overly objectionable.  And he showered as frequently as anyone.  He may or may not have invented the question mark and always chose to have dessert.  I miss Kerry Hochstein.  I loved Kerry Hochstein, and if you knew him, you loved him too.  If you didn’t, look him up when you get to Heaven.

We formed “Kerry’s Crusaders”, as a tribute to our friend, and to walk in the 5th Annual Amanda Hichkad CCA Celebration Walk.  Kerry would’ve wanted us to walk.  Or maybe throw a Cinco de Mayo party.  I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure he’d want us to auction off Mark Dardozzi.  I don’t really know what he would want, he rarely made a whole lot of sense, so we’re kind of throwing it all at the wall and seeing what sticks.

I never met Amanda Hichkad, but she’s described to me to be at least as likable as Kerry, if not infinitely more so.  The words used to describe Amanda are “Faith, Grace, Strength”.  The words used to describe Kerry can be found in a dictionary as well.  Cancer sucks.

So, we walk to pay tribute to those that cancer has taken, and celebrate those that it could not.

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